Customer Success Goals and Strategy

Build a solid strategy around support for your customer community.

Note this is a medium term project. Price is a recommended container fee.

$1500 – $2000.00 AUD*
*Price estimate excludes GST.

More Information:

With over 17 years of customer experience, I am your knowledge bank when it comes to knowing and understanding your customers.

Community is a critical tool for your business’s customer success goals, and the best thing about it is when you tap into the power of your community, your reach will grow. Only good things can come from improving your engagement and support of your community.

Here are the things we will work on:

  1. The Big Review
    Review your business goal, and how they affect your customers
    Who are your customers and what do they want
    Where are opportunities waiting to be explored
    What works well and what doesn’t at the moment
    What are you current business resources in supporting your customers
    What processes do you have in place at the moment
    What is your dispute plan
    How are you communicating with your customers
  2. Comprehensive report with findings
  3. Recommendations report, suggestions for improvements
  4. A tailored, executable plan
  5. Fortnightly check-in calls for duration of retainer

Let’s do something together.

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